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Prof. Lisa Fürtauer



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The Junior Professorship supports research and teaching at the department of Biology in the interdisciplinary field of the systems biology. An integral part of this research area is the combination of laboratory and theoretical work to answer complex questions in life sciences.

In Systems Biology, mathematical concepts are deployed in the context of biological systems. Typically, iterative processes are tested and verified between laboratory experiments and computer simulation. The primary aim is the analysis of dynamic interactions between the various components of biological systems to improve the understanding and predictability of the system as whole.

In our group we are combining lab work with methods of data science and mathematical modelling to achieve an integrative overview of dynamical biological processes. Not only applications, but also new methodological and theoretical strategies are under investigation.

A major part of our work concentrates on plant metabolism research under various stress conditions and/or changed environmental conditions – for example climate change – to reveal general regulatory strategies in plants.



Currently we are focussing on the following research topics:

  • Subcellular metabolism in plants (metabolomics, proteomics, enzyme kinetics, …)
  • Plant metabolism under energy limitation
  • Plant metabolism under changed temperature under the aspect of climate change
  • Ecotype analysis
  • Theoretical and applied mathematical modelling of plant metabolism
  • Plant metabolism under oxygen deficiency in collaboration with Prof. Joost van Dongen (Bio I)

You can find further information in our published articles:

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If you are looking for a position or consider writing a bachelor or master thesis, please contact Prof. Dr. Lisa Fürtauer directly.