The agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI) works to foster competitive and sustainable farming and forestry that 'achieves more and better from less'. It contributes to ensuring a steady supply of food, feed and biomaterials, developing its work in harmony with the essential natural resources on which farming depends.The EIP-AGRI brings together innovation actors (farmers, advisers, researchers, businesses, NGOs and others) in agriculture and forestry. Operational Groups, like our project, are funded under the Rural Development Programmes and they are project-based and tackle a certain (practical) problem or opportunity which may lead to an innovation.

Our project has the aim to develop an electronic warning system with automated diagnosis of pathogens of important plant diseases; a "pathosensor". The result is a warning system with maximum safety that is also environmentally friendly, as high efficiencies are possible and superfluous treatments can be dispensed with. In addition to its use in apple cultivation, this project also serves as a model for many fruit, vegetable and field crops.