Conrath Lab


The Conrath Lab (PI Prof. Uwe Conrath) aims to understand how plant defend against diseases with a special focus on the understanding of the so called defense-priming. This term describes an enhanced ability of plants to defend due to an enhanced or accelerated defense. With further projects in the area of plant biotech and bioeconomy the group conveys the findings of basic research to application to make plant protection more efficient and the production of plants more ecofriendly and reliable.


Projects in defense priming

  • Functional analysis of identified MAP kinase substrates in Arabidopsis thaliana
  • Phosphoproteins in the primed plant immune response

Projects in plant biotechnology

  • Soybean plants with reduced disease susceptibility
  • Bifunctional peptides for plant protection

Projects in epigenetics

  • The epigenome of systemic defense priming
  • Transcriptional regulation of systemic defense priming

Projects in bioeconomy

  • Priming-active compounds for plant protection
  • The biology of the soybean rust fungus Phakopsora pachyrhizi