Research Areas


Following we would like to present our current research:

Phytoanticipin Group

The Phytoanticipine group (PI: Prof. Alan Slusarenko) tries to answer the question, how defense compounds from plants act on microorganisms and also cells from higher eukaryotes. Our model compound is allicin from garlic, which is responsible for garlic's smell and taste when the tissue is freshly damaged. Allicin is a redox-toxin,that means it is able to oxidize biomolecules. We are interested to understand the molecular basis of this toxin effect in detail.

Rice-Barley Lab

RiBa Lab which means Rice-Barley Lab, PI is Prof. Ulrich Schaffrath, has the aim to identify possibilities to modify the plant's resistance mechanism by an exact and deep understanding of the plant-pathogen interaction. With this plants can become resistant against various pathogens and the plant yield can be secured. To realise this vision we are on the way to become one of the leading groups in the histological analysis of crops and their fungal pathogens.

Conrath Group

The Conrath group (PI Prof. Uwe Conrath) aims to understand how plant defend against diseases with a special focus on the understanding of the so called defense-priming. This term describes an enhanced ability of plants to defend due to an enhanced or accelerated defense. With further projects in the area of plant biotech and bioeconomy the group conveys the findings of basic research to application to make plant protection more efficient and the production of plants more ecofriendly and reliable.