Institute of Plant Physiology

The Department of Plant Physiology investigates how plants can resist against pathogens and how the knowledge about this can be transferred into application. Head of department is Prof. Prof. Alan J. Slusarenko B.Sc., Ph.D..

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schaffrath leads the Rice-Barley Lab.

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Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

To understand the plant defense with a particular focus on the so-called "defense priming" and to run projects in the area of plant- and agricultural biotechnology is the mission of the working group headed by Prof. Dr. Uwe Conrath. Dr. Gerold Beckers leads the sub-group defense priming, Dr. Caspar Langenbach the subgroup AgBiotech.

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Junior Professorship Plant Molecular Systems Biology

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The Junior Professorship supports research and teaching at the department of Biology in the interdisciplinary field of the systems biology. An integral part of this research area is the combination of laboratory and theoretical work to answer complex questions in life sciences.

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working group rice-barley-lab

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Professor Dr. habil. Ulrich Schaffrath

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