Key components of different plant defense pathways are dispensable for powdery mildew resistance of the Arabidopsis mlo2mlo6mlo12 triple mutant

Kuhn, Hannah; Lorek, Justine; Kwaaitaal, Mark; Consonni, Chiara; Becker, Katia; Micali, Cristina; van Themaat, Emiel Ver Loren; Bednarek, Pawel; Taaymakers, Tom M.; Appiano, Michela; Bai, Yuling; Meldau, Dorothea; Baum, Stephani; Conrath, Uwe; Feussner, Ivo; Panstruga, Ralph (Corresponding author)

Lausanne : Frontiers Media (2017)
Journal Article (Letter)

In: Frontiers in plant science : FPLS
Volume: 8
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 1006